Don’t remember December because it sucks


In case you still haven’t notice, I’m on a mission to find reasons that every month sucks. I started with September and now it’s time to work my way onto the last month of the year-December.

December is friggin’ cold as balls outside. It brings snow and snow is a horrible thing. Snow is a cold-blooded killer that everyone celebrates but does nothing about. Snow literally kills person after person each year and no one does a damn think to stop it. I also hate the sound that snow makes when you step on it. It’s this horrible crunch sound that makes me cringe. It’s not a minor cringe either. It’s like a bad cringe. The sound is just a horrible sound. I also hate how white it is. If the sun is out, it will literally blind you and cause you not to see a damn thing. It will also melt and refreeze into ice, which will also try to kill you. Pretty much, snow is trying to kill you and take over the world.

December also starts the season of Winter. Winter is the worst season in the world. It’s the longest, or at least it seems like it because everything seems to blend in together and you don’t know which month it is and you will end up going “Where am I? How did I get here?” and you will never ever know because you will lose track of time. Winter also starts seasonal depression where people get all sad and it just goes down from there.

The month also brings in a lot of holiday, which is holiday overkill. Is it really necessary to have all of those holidays overlapping each other like that? It’s likes the holidays are in a contest to see who is the bigger holiday. They could have easily spaced them out more, even if there was some religious or historical significant. Literally no communication was happening when they plotted the month of December’s holidays.

December also ends on a Holiday where you celebrate the end. And people go gaga over this as well. They have multiple coverages of New Years Eve. Literally, people will get together and watch a big ball drop and explode when it hits midnight. If I wanted to watch a big ball drop, then I would buy a large ball from Walmart and drop it from my roof. “It’s not the same” you say but it really is-and it’s also cheaper.Also, why are we celebrating the end? I get the hold “let’s move onto the New Year” but it still doesn’t make any sense. I’m all moving towards the future but not that way.

These are just a few of the reasons why it sucks. I could go on and on but I have to same some of the reason for January, since it’s pretty much the same month.

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