Communication and Dating

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As I’ve stated before on here, dating sucks. The most annoying part about it is the “getting to know” portion of it. It’s literally the worst. It’s like being interrogated by the FBI and the CIA. Seriously, it is. You might as well get the swinging light and the dark room with the full good cop bad cop scenario going on in a non-sexual way.

The entire worst part about it is that you can’t even see the person you are chatting with. Sure, you can meet in person but that doesn’t usually happen to down the line. This adds a sense of you don’t even know what the person is meaning by what they said. Are they trying to be sarcastic or are they being a dick? This makes it hard to respond because you don’t know how they mean it. If they add in a lol or an emoji, then makes it a little more easier but it’s still a pain.

Now this is the part where it’s annoying part. And I’m talking about the having an actual conversation part. No one seems like they want to have actual full fledge conversation. It’s either short or it quickly turns into a sexual Q&A where the person is trying to get into your pants. You could literally be talking about your favorite book and then BAM! It turns sexual. Like seriously people, you just met the person. Keep in your pants or you’re going to get hosed down like the thirsty person you are.

And if you aren’t going to respond to a message, then make sure you don’t open it up. Most apps that you use to send messages, let the person know when you see the messages. This could send so many of the wrong messages. If you are talking to an over thinker, then you are sending them into a spiral of “did I say something wrong?” or “are my messages going through?” And they can’t ask you about it because then you are going to take them as needy sons of bitches and that’s not attractive unless you have a fetish for that. If you don’t have time to respond then try not to open it. Preview it and respond later. At least then, the person will assume your busy, hopefully, and that you’re not a tool. And I know this is only one side, but it usually the side that isn’t represented or gets a bad rap due to our obsession with Romatic comedies where this is taken as a flaw. It’s not a flaw.

While appropriate apps to connect with potential dates is another issue, in order to get a date-you have to get to know people and in order to do that, you need to-say it with me now-hold a conversation and communicate. It’s not a hard thing to do and you may enjoy talking to that person. If you don’t enjoy holding a conversation then you better prepare to have a lonely life and become the crazy cat lady/man. Also, watch how you are come across because you don’t know how someone is going to take it. Especially if you are attractive to them.


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