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Last night, Hairspray Live! came onto our Televisions and brought as back to an era where TVs weren’t in HD, Integration was a thing of wonders, and Corny Collins was the more talented version of Ryan Seacrest-let’s be real for a moment,what talent does Seacrest really have? I watched it and was in shock and awesome of it. Now, it’s time to review the nicest kids in town and NBC’s live production of Hairspray.Now for this review, it will be broken down into two sections: The production and the program.


The Production

The production of “Hairspray” was rather entertaining. It was really well done. If you were familiar with the 2007 movie version, it was similar experience to that but more faithfully to the broadway version, like it should be. It definitely had a more even story and didn’t leave out part like in the movie. The broadway version is way better than the movie. The casting of the roles were great for the most part. The only part that seemed not to be casted right was Garrett Clayton as Link. He didn’t do a bad job but his delivery wasn’t the best and seemed awkward at time. Dove Cameron was the sleeper hit of the show. She killed it with her vocals and acting.

Kristin Chenoweth, Jennifer Hudson, and Ariana Grande were the powerhouses of the show. Their vocals were on fleek and were showcased the best out of all the cast. Jennifer Hudson literally slayed with her performance of “I know Where I’ve Been” and her duet with Ariana Grande at the end of the show. Like she made the world cry with her.

Let’s talk about Derek Hough and how he was probably the best Corny Collins ever. Is there anything him and his sister, Julianne Hough, can’t do? They are like genetically gifted siblings that I’m pretty sure were made in a lab. He like transformed into him and the role showcased him the best out of everyone. We need to get Derek Hough hosting a show. He was the best.

Maddie Bailie did a wonderful job as Tracy. You could never tell that this was her first big break. Her vocals may have not been the greatest things in the world in some of the songs, but they were on par with her predecessors.

Overall, the production was on par with all the other versions of Hairspray and is one of the best productions that NBC has done.

The Program

This is the part where NBC loses brownie points. While I understand and give them credit for trying something new, it wasn’t something they should do ever again. I pretty much just wanted to watch the musical. I didn’t want to see them in golf carts or behind the scenes. I also didn’t want to see live remotes from different parts of the country watching. It took away from the production itself. It didn’t make any sense to have Darren Criss host either, it was so random. They might as well have Derek do it because that more sense. They should have just had the production stand on its own and not add any fluff to it.

The program is what held the production back.

Overall, The production was amazing but the program let down the entire product. Hopefully, the production is all that is given in the DVD version and not the fluff that didn’t add anything to the product.

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