January is literally the worst


January is the worst. Yes, this is a monthly thing now. Accept it and move on.

January is the Monday of the year. It’s the start of the new year. And just like a Monday, no one likes it. It feels like it’s the month that never ends, and believe me when I say it goes on and on my friends. There isn’t anything exciting to break it up and nothing happens in January. It’s usually the month where everyone stays home so there’s no fun at all, which you can blame on December on that one.

Pretty much, it’s just one big rest month before you start your life again. It’s kind of like you got severely drunk on Christmas in December and January is your hangover. That’s how bad it is when it comes to nothing exciting happening. There isn’t a lot of movies, music,and games coming out due to people spending too much money in December. January is just a slow month because your suffering from a 31 day hangover from Christmas.

It’s also one of the coldest month of the year. January takes place in the dead middle of winter. It’s the worst for the winter weather. The sad part is that just keeps getting worse until like Mid-March. ┬áLast year, it got into the negative degrees in some parts of the country. That’s not something that to celebrate. At least with the other months, it was all above zero degrees. Negative degrees are freakin’ cold and can legit kill or injury people.

So, that is why January sucks. See you in February because I bet it will suck too.


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