Austin Mahone’s mixtape awakening


Every Artist/group has a musical sexual awakening moment that throws them into adulthood. They present the artist as an adult, especially if they’ve been doing this since their teenage or childhood years. Pretty much, they are losing their musical virginity. Like most people’s actual first time, the albums are usually bad and over in a blink of an eye. Unless you are gifted, then you can blow someone’s mind while being able to unwrap a Starburst with your tongue.

“ForMe+You” is Austin Mahone’s sexual awakening album….well, mixtape. It’s probably the most sex drive music Mahone has put out. The song aren’t going too vulgar but it’s not sugar-coating anything either. It’s definitely the most mature thing he has done and it shows. But like a first time, it wasn’t anything that blows your mind.

The mixtape is eight tracks long. Three of which featured other artist on them. And for the first time ever, Pitbull-Mr. 305, Mr. Worldwide-didn’t hurt the album. “Lady” is actually a rather good song. It’s catchy, gives off a disco dancing feel to it, and felt like a legit song. That’s only because the first two songs are barely over three minutes long, which you can insert a first time joke here. “Love at Night” features Juicy J being very annoying throughout the song and he’s pretty much repeating the same line over and over again. The song also has what is referred to a “T-Pain effect.” For those that don’t know,it is autotune. Austin Mahone doesn’t need autotune and it’s over modulated and doesn’t add to the song, just like Juicy J. The last featured artist is 2 Chains on “Shake it For Me” which is the dirtiest song on the album. 2 Chains makes it awkward, like very awkward. Besides the fact the whole song is about a girl bending down and shaking her ass, it made me feel the need to shower.

The major issue with the album is flow. All the songs sound the same besides “Wait Around.” When it comes onto the song, you want more of it because it’s good. But then it awkwardly goes back to sounding like all the songs before “Wait Around.” I’m going to guess that this was his version of a romantic mixtape, like what people made on CDs or Cassette tapes for significant others before Spotify and iTunes. If that is the case,then that girl’s father needs to be worried because they are doing some kinky shiz based on the lyrics of the songs.

The album also feels like Austin Mahone is trying to “copy” the success of Nick Jonas instead of doing his own thing. Like you’re first time, don’t copy what others are doing and just be you. Austin Mahone could have done his previous style and made it more adult and sexual. I’m all for growing up and maturing as an artist, but you have to be true to your style.

Overall, “ForMe+You” is truly a good attempt to mature by Austin with what I’m dubbing “Austin Mahone’s sexual awakening mixtape”. He just comes out short of something good. It wasn’t memorable but it happened. Just like an average first time. He tried too hard to imitate and couldn’t keep it up after “Lady.” “Lady” and “Wait Around” are the two stand out tracks from the awakening.

Here is Austin’s sexual awakening for your listening pleasure:




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