Light it up with Trump


It’s coming close to the day President-Elect Donald Trump tries to take on Oprah Winfrey as the supreme ruler of the world. He’s even kicking it off with an Inauguration to end all Inaugurations. He’s apparently planning on unleashing what I’m calling Cirque Du Trump because it’s coming across that it will be a spectacle.  During this time, Pot activists are planning to stoned out of their freaking mind.

The group known as DCMJ, D.C. Marijuana Justice, is planning to hand out-are you ready for this number?-4,200 to the public so that they can light it up four minutes and 20 seconds into Trump’s speech on Friday, January 20th. Posted on their event, the DCMJ said that they want to “show President Trump’s supporters we are the marijuana majority! Join us for a smokin’ fun time!”

The real kicker about the entire thing is that they posted and publicized and whatnot, and the entire thing is illegal to do. That is right, someone was high and didn’t think this through. While Marijuana is legal, it’s illegal to carry two ounces or more in the DC and on Federal land. So pretty much the whole group can get arrested before the speech based on the amount they will be giving up. This sounds like they thought and planned this all while under the influence. I give the props for doing what most stoned people don’t do, which is follow through a pot plan. This shows why it’s good to not follow through with plans you make while stoned.

I wonder if Donald Trump will be joining in on the festivities. He did do a bunch of blow before his debates, Marijuana is probably a little bit safer than blow. You’ll just have the munchies instead of a runny nose. Either way, Inauguration Day is going to be a very interesting day as Cirque Du Trump will be in town. It’s going to be a train wreck. I cannot wait.


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