Ryan McCartan drops new single


On Thursday, January 12th, Ryan McCartan released his first single “When You Went Away,” on iTunes and Spotify. It’s his first song since his public breakup with Dove Cameron, who everyone is pretty sure the song is about. Previously, Dove and Ryan were in the adorable band called “The Girl and the Dreamcatcher.” I like the fact he took the time to make something.

Lyrically, it’s amazing. His vocals are great. I would have had the instrumental a little louder because it sounds like he had the microphone two feet away from his face but the vocals are great. The song lost me when it comes to the mix. The opening was great up until the screaming kids. There is screaming kids randomly placed during the chrous. That I didn’t like. ┬áIt’s also 2:30 minutes long. By the time it got to its stride, it’s over. Like it’s over right when they would normally go into the last refrain of the chorus. It’s like it got cut off or he just forgot to include it.

If there was a different mix for it….like just guitar or without the kids then it would be a great song. But the production and the mix of the song is what is holding it back. The single cover is isn’t great either but who really looks at those nowadays.

Overall, I like the fact he took the time to make something. It’s a decent song, could have been better if it didn’t end like it did.

Here’s the single for you to listen to:

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