A letter to Fangirls


Dear Fangirls,

How are you today? I hope this letter is finding you well. I’m writing this letter because you guys are just too much anymore.

Last weekend, nude photos leaked of Teen Wolf stars Tyler Posey and Cody Christian. You girls, and some guys #nojudgement, decided to take the high road and tweet about how you aren’t looking, linking, or retweeting the photos because “they broke their privacy and is disrespectful to the actors.” While this is commendable, you are trying to fool. We all know that you were eating that stuff like it’s candy. We’ve all heard about your fan fiction that you have written.Your fan fiction is pornographic. You can’t take a moral high road like that. If you guys have very dirty and descriptive minds. There’s no way you didn’t take a peek at the pictures.

It also doesn’t help that you aren’t really respectful of their privacy to begin with. You guys are thirsty and trying to slide into their DMs (translation: they are private messaging celebrities in order to get into their pants) just so you can sext them. You also harass them with it and post things very vulgar to them. So pretty much, you are being very hypocritical about privacy and respect.

While I agree that the actors privacy was broken and we shouldn’t be showing their junk to the world without their knowledge, you looked at it, made it your wallpaper, and screenshot it for the future. I’m not judging you for doing that if you did, you just admit you did look at them. It’s only human to look.

So please stop with the whole high horse crap and just admit that you are thirsty for the celebrities you fangirl over. There’s nothing wrong with it. The only thing ┬áthat is the problem is you living a lie. So please just be honest: you looked at the pictures. That’s all I ask besides you keep it in your pants and off the internet ya nasty.



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