Let’s stop generalizing people


Do you know what really “Grinds my Gears?” when people make comments generalizing that men/women are all the same when they get their heart broken. It’s impossible for them to be the same to begin with. Show me scientific proof of all men/women being the same I will retract that statement. I mean that they have the same DNA, brainwaves, etc. Also, just because one guy is a total tool or one girl plays with too many hearts, isn’t a reason that you should be making comments like that to begin with.

I totally get and understand that your heart is probably been broken by the person you probably just met and made decision about without getting to know them, but you need to give someone a chance before ruling them out. While first impressions are important, generalizing by gender isn’t the answer. Sure, there is similar traits that both men will share with men. The same goes for women as well. Do you know who is the real culprit in this? Society. They are the reason for sometimes lack of individuality being shown when you first meet someone.

If we were all just open and honest, then we would all live in a better society. People also needs to stop playing the victim card. If there wasn’t a connection, then move on. You can’t help that the person doesn’t want to you. Generalizing isn’t helping either. Sure, it’s might help kill the sting because rejection sucks but that’s it. Just think about how much it would suck if people thought the same about you? Do you want to be generalized as a player if you weren’t? Or that you sleep around if you don’t? Think about they before you say that all men/women are the same.

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