What the App is this? Bumble


I’m diving into the world of apps in order to explain them for people who don’t know what they are (parents, this is time for you to know what’s on your child phone) or if you are thinking about trying them out for yourself. I’m calling this “what the app is this?” Name is subject to change if I come up with a more clever name. On the first edition, we are going to the beehive that doesn’t follow and worship Beyoncé and let’s chat about the app-Bumble.

What is bumble you ask? Well, give me a second to tell you. Geez, you’re pushy. Bumble is an app for finding people. Boyfriends, girlfriends, friends, etc. You name the type of relationship and you can probably find it on Bumble. Unlike other apps like it, the women make the first move if you are into that. Ladies have 24 hours to respond and if they don’t, then the connection will be gone. It’s also the same goes for everyone as well. According to Bumble’s about page, “Bumble eliminates that level of awkwardness after a connection is made, and sets the stage for how the convos begin.”

And if 24 hours isn’t enough, you can extend a connection for another 24 hours to see if it’s a match made in honey. Be careful, you only have one connection (insert one ring to rule them all joke that is the reason why I’m still single) Fun fact: the app was created by Tinder’s co-founder.

So what’s the benefit of this app? Well, it’s an app that doesn’t say that it’s a dating app. What it does is it uses your Facebook profile to build the profile, don’t worry though, you can change it. If you wanna put a ring on it, you swipe right. If you wanna be polite and not crush souls, you swipe left.

Because of this, and it’s 24 hour conversation limit, it’s literally makes talking and getting to know people easier. You don’t have to stare at connections that say they like you but then don’t respond. We call those scrubs. For those of you that don’t know, a scrub is a guy that thinks he’s fly, also known as a buster. Here’s the video if no one got the reference.

Here’s some screenshots:



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