It’s Morphin’ Time!


Today, the second trailer was revealed for “Saban’s Power Rangers” today and the internet is shook. The trailer itself featured more than the last, mainly so it can hype up this creakingly awesome movie.

The movie continues to show off the darker tone, which I applaud, and its also gives some corny jokes in there to help “lighten the mood” and continue on with some fighting, some megaword action, the big robots, as well as a look that the command center.

The movie looks like the baby of “The Breakfast Club” and “21 Jump Street” now with some aliens. Rita looks like a total and complete badass. She looks like she’s out to literally kill everyone and I like it. The putties are the rock monster things and they just pop out of the ground and they look way better than the original. The only thing that looks weird is Goldar and that’s only because he looks like Dorothy came and dumped water on him and he’s melting.

Gordon and Alpha look okay. It’s weird that he’s in the wall but I’m going to judge it further once I see the movie. It’s also hard to take Alpha seriously because of the way he looks. I understand that he’s not a robot but it’s the eyes. They look too ridiculously.

The swearing and drug references are a refreshing change. Overall, I’m literally shook for his trailer and cannot wait until the movie comes out in theater March 24, 2017.

Here’s the trailer for you to be shook as well:


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