A Letter to President Trump


Dear President Donald Trump,

By the time you see this letter, you will have taken office as #POTUS. With the amount of time you spent of twitter, you know what that means.  Congratulations on that by the way. I’m writing this letter to you because we need to have a slightly mature conversation about things. There are multiple things to discuss and you are a busy man, you know with running the country and everything. Make sure you put time in there to enjoy yourself. So to make it easier to you, I’ll be doing bullet points.

  • You don’t need to comment on everything: While it nice sometimes to comment on “fake news,” it’s usually better to take the high road when it comes to stories that ridiculous aren’t true. As famous people, we are under constant threat of “journalist,” which I’ll go into the difference, making up crap in order to make that dollar dollar. For example, you should have just let the story about you paying prostitutes to let them/you urinate on them/you. Commonly known on as a “golden shower.” I know that it was probably in referencing you like to take showers at the showers made of gold, but commenting on it didn’t help the situation. By commenting on it, you’re really just adding on to it. Just let it go. Unless it’s harming your image, which it can’t be worst that what it is now, then you just got to let it blow off your shoulder. Besides, you have to run a country. You’ll be lucky to enjoy any showers.
  • Twitter isn’t the place: Twitter is a wonderful place but you don’t need to post about everything on there. You don’t need to gloat, you don’t need to make unnecessary comments, and you definitely don’t need to do anything that you are currently doing on there. Rule of thumb: if you have a tweet that is 140 characters or less than it’s not meant on twitter. What you put on there, is representation of the country now. You have to be the best representation on the United States. I’m 20% confident that you are. Prove the 80% by not putting comments on twitter about how this person is a loser and how Hilary’s followers are sore losers. It’s unnecessary….it’s also very tacky.
  • Don’t rope all journalist under the title of fake news: People that are making up “fake news” aren’t journalist. Journalist are out to find real news and not to make a quick buck.And don’t go attacking the blogger community either, mommy bloggers will cut you and use your skin as a carrying case for their children’s snacks, because the majority of them aren’t into that either. Journalist are there to provide a voice to the voiceless when people are getting ignored. They are also there to find fact and figure out what’s going on. Just because they have sources and they are saying things that you don’t want to admit to, don’t call them “fake news.” Every single “real news” outlets has reported the facts on you just like the “fake news” you and your team what to shut down. You need to just deal with the fact that not everything they report is going to be in your favorite. That’s life. Deal with it. You can’t please everyone. Oh, the “fake news” that you want to rid the world of, is stuff like that stuff you will read when you go through the line at the supermarket, a supermarket is where your people go to buy your food.

I hope that you do a wonderful job as president and know that I’ll be right here to make fun of you and cabinet in a nice criticism way. One final note, please wait a little bit before you and Melania decided to hope into the “Golden Showers” of the White House. It’s out of respect for Michelle and Barrack.



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