Winter is literally depressing


During what is normally considered “winter,” many people end up going into a depression-like state due to the cold, harsh weather and the constant look of death that has taken over the normally beautiful place.

This state that is commonly referred to as “Winter Times Blues” is milder former of an actual medical condition.  Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) occurs during when the days get shorter and dark is prominent in the winter months. SAD usually creates a blah feeling in a person’s life that makes them less fun or productive.

Environmental factors like lack of light are major causes of SAD.  Symptoms of SAD are low energy, difficulty waking up, dragging yourself along, problems concentrating, an increase in sleep and a larger appetite, especially for sweets and starch. With all these, people become sad and depressed. It also makes them gain weight.

In some extreme SAD cases, people can be disabled, unable to work, or unable to keep their commitments to other people. While this may seem like a nifty way to get out of work or date, there are a few extremely easy cures for SAD.  Finding a light source by walking outside on a bright winter day or bringing more light into the home with regular lamp can help get the chemicals the brain needs to get someone back on the right track. Reducing stress, exercise and modifying one’s diets can also help beat SAD.

If none of these sound like something of interest, actively fighting the symptoms is a must. Sitting back not fighting it will only make SAD worse. In extreme cases of SAD, antidepressants and cognitive behavior therapy can be helpful.

The next time someone you know gets SAD, take them outside for an uplifting walk.

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