February is worse than January


Should this be a shock to you at this point? We do this every month and you should be aware that this is going to come. February sucks and here’s why.

February is only 28 days long. It’s literally a waste of a month. Then every four years, it gets another day. Who does that? What’s the point of an extra day? All it does is ruin the flow of the calendar year from that point on. So if you’re birthday falls after February 29, then just push your birthday back a day because someone way back when doesn’t think it’s important.

Let’s look at the holiday’s that make up February. Valentine’s day is its own issue that I’ll get to. The month has Groundhog Day, the day we allow an animal to tell us when spring is coming based on whether he can see his shadow. Of course, he’s going to see his shadow, there’s proper lighting for filming there. The worst part of this day is that he usually more right than the actual weatherman. We might as well give him a degree in meteorology and put him on the 5’o clock news. And what’s the point of having a degree to become a weatherman when we have Groundhog Day?

Then we have a bunch of important holidays/events this month-the shortest month of the year. We have President’s day and Black History Month this month. While I do think Black History Month is important and it needs to be celebrated, but someone please explain to who thought it was good idea to do this? Give it a full month. Every other History month has 30-31 days. And then we have two important president’s birthday’s in the month, why celebrate all president’s this month instead of another month? Let’s make President’s day on January 20th. It brings more meaning to inauguration. It also makes more sense than a month later.

Now we get into Valentine’s day. The day where you show the person you love how much you love them. Because you shouldn’t do that all year around. While I understand the origin of this day, it’s turned into a way for the greeting card industry to make more money off of you, because they didn’t make enough money in December. It’s also turned into more of impressing than just spending time with the actual person. You don’t have to spend $100s of dollars to spend time with someone. If the person is with you, then they don’t care how much you spend (if they do, then you can do better) on them. It’s all about the little things and showing they you love them. ¬†I do love the valentine’s day candy though. Conversation hearts the best.

This is why the month of February sucks. Hopefully, March isn’t this bad. I know I always say that but it ends up being true.

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