Top 5ive: Super Bowl Commercials


Remember when it was a big deal to have a Super Bowl Commercial? Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a big deal. But with most of the ads premiering before the event, there’s not really a point to watch the ads. But there was some all time classics ones. So here’s my Top 5ive Super Bowl Commercials. They are some of the best. So here we go!!!

5. Snicker’s ad with Betty White

It’s an ad with Betty White in it. Betty White is funny as hell. It’s Betty White playing football and making dirty jokes. She hasn’t lost it and it’s because of this ad that she hosted SNL and stayed.

4. “Mean Joe Greene Coco Cola” Featuring Mean Joe Greene

This commercial is literal pop culture. So many people and such have parodied it. It’s literally iconic…and raises so many questions. Like was it really an even trade? A bottle of coke for a jersey that’s worth more? How did that child get that close without security? And why would you drink Coke after a game?

3. “Joy of Pepsi” featuring Britney Spears

This commercial is very iconic. It’s reminisce of the time period, late 90’s to early 00’s. It’s Britney at her best and was catchy af. It was literally the greatest thing if you were a pre-teen or teenager. Who doesn’t have the chorus stuck in their head? It’s the best.

2. “We Will Rock You” featuring Britney Spears, Beyoncé,P!nk, and Enrique Iglesias

This was everything. It was the three biggest stars of the time and they were singing all together. It’s the only time that Beyoncé and Britney sing together. It’s also the last time Enrique Iglesias was relevant.

1. “What your man could smell like” Old Spice body wash

This ad is extremely cleverly written and funny. It’s pretty much tell women to dump their men because they don’t smell like a real man. It even got women’s attention because it has an attractive male telling them that if they bought the body wash, their man can be as study as him. Sure, it probably would get a lot of flack now but it’s an advertising masterpiece. It just gets stuck in your head and make you want Old Spice Body Wash. Mainly because you wanted to be “real man.” Who doesn’t want to be a real man?

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