Gaga wasn’t a Perfect Illusion, Gaga slayed


For the first time in months, Americans came together to see if the New England Patriots would lose to the Atlanta Falcons in the showcase of champions. Besides the disappointment of another Patriots win, Americans also came together to witness a spectacle like no other-a Lady Gaga performance.

Now, when I heard that Lady Gaga would be performing-I was very skeptical because ever since Artpop, her stock has been down. Boy, was I wrong. This halftime performance was the best halftime show we have seen in years. There was so much in there that reminded us why we love Mother Monster.

The show started off with her singing a¬†Medley to America from on top of the dome. Then she literally jumps off and down to the stage. Who does that? She makes it to her platform above the monsters to start with “Pokerface.” She gives everyone a minor heart attack as she performs flips and tricks. After she stops trying to kill everyone, she reaches the stage to sing “Born this Way.” She then goes into “Telephone,” which send everyone into another heart attack because we were all wondering if the mother of the holy trinity, Beyonc√©, would be joining her. Alas, we were left just in awe because a grown man is literally carrying her like she was piece of wood, instead of precious cargo. One bad move and there are parts of Lady Gaga on the 20 yard line. I hope he doesn’t carry a child like that.

After some weird dancing, because it’s not a Lady Gaga performance without something weird in it, Gaga reveals her hidden talent of playing the Keytar, a keyboard that is shaped like a guitar, and sings “Just Dance.” She then runs off to her piano and performs “Million Reasons” and gives a shout to her parents and asks the world if they would like to joy her in being happy. This is when fire explodes and the Gaga we all know and love comes out-yelling Gaga. Her last song is “Bad Romance.” She ends her performance by doing an epic mic drop and then catching a football and jumping to the crowd.

We could sit here all night and try to find the secret meanings behind it. But I’m not here to do that, I believe we should just look at it as Entertainment. The show was amazing. The lighting was on fleek. The crowd was involved with the lighting and it made it feel like a concert and not a halftime show. The performance that Lady Gaga put on was very fitting of the Super Bowl. Literally, I was in awe the entire time. I also want a gif of Lady Gaga’s mic drop.

Here’s the performance for your enjoyment:

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