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Welcome to the latest edition of “Whats The App is.” This where I tell you about apps that you  don’t know anything about in order to get you into the hip crowd. Or if you are a parent, I give you a reason to creep on your child’s phone. On this edition, I’ll be telling you the app “Whisper.” And no, it’s not a pornstar’s app.

“Whisper” is an app that allows users to post things anonymous with pictures, and have conversions anonymously as well. So it’s away for people to spill their guts on things and their identity protected. Think of it as a confessional booth at a church but instead of a religious figure, it’s a person you don’t even know that may or may not be judging you.

The app let users see what others are posting near them by using their location. You can also see post based on your school or group. The bad part about this is that it doesn’t ask for a school email address so literally anyone can look at what’s getting posted and post into the group.

This is probably one of the safest anonymous app due to its extensive privacy policy. Whisper has no tolerance for cyber bullying and allows other people to report or block users. Each user has a username and pin code in order to access their account. So if “Titan444” send a dick pic to “LovelyLoins,” they can block and report the user. Sure, they can create a totally new account, but it’s hard to find that person. Whisper has 30 million users. It’s like finding a needle in a huge ass haystack.

A lot of the post on the app are hilarious and have made their rounds through social media. People find the app appealing because of this. They also like the fact that it’s all anonymous and it let’s them freely say and be them without having to worry about backlash from the people they know. It also let’s them talk to people experiencing the same issues that they are.

This is the app known as “Whisper.” So if you find this app in your child’s phone, it’s slightly less harmful than Facebook. You should only be worried if “whisper” ends up in their search history. Then, you should probably have a conversation.

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