Why have a real baby when you can fake one!

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So I was creeping on Facebook like I always do when a site was brought to my attention. The website is fakeababy.com. The website is says that it has the best gag gifts. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t consider a fake pregnancy a gag gift.

The website features a lot of “gifts” that allows you literally fake a pregnancy and have no one know it’s a fake. You get purchase ultrasounds and sonograms, DNA tests, and pregnancy documents. You can even get fake pregnancy bellies, which includes a rubber bun in the oven and silicone boobs. You can get a boob job without having to go under the knife. This site is for people who are really looking to fake a pregnancy. And it’s all rather expensive. Like some of the items are over $100 and if you add up everything that you are going to need to a lot of money.

This site is if you are trying to keep your significant other with it and save your relationship. There’s no gag gift about this site. Pregnancy isn’t something that you should really joke about in the way that the site offers. I’m all for the slight “I’m pregnant” little joke but this is way too much.

The site has gotten a little heat lately as well. Especially when it’s being reported that many are using it and getting arrested for it. The company did issue this statement:

11947492_908478879239795_7707129368025788458_nWhile I will admit that some of the people in the comments are taking this way to seriously, there’s not really any entertainment purpose to faking a baby. You’re pretty much trapping people into staying in a relationship due to them believing that it real. That’s not the way to keep a significant other.

Then while I was researching this (Yes, I actually research things because I’m a journalist), I found things on what I’m calling the shady underbelly of the internet. There are wiki how-tos on how to fake a pregnancy. Yeah, this is just getting more and more effed up. Like who is thinks of this? And who told that person that this was a good idea? It’s like the person that told Mariah Carey that doing “Glitter” was a good idea. Or the person that told Lindsay Lohan will save her career by doing a lot of drugs.

People, we need to not being doing stuff like this because it’s stupid. It’s also make you look like a total asshole, but you probably are one if you are faking a pregnancy. This is where I drop the mic so enjoy this gif:


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