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Lady Gaga released her newest music video off her “Joanne” album. The video is for her single “John Wayne” and boy, it is a lot to talk about. The singles comes off of her exciting halftime performance and it looks like Lady Gaga is capitalizing on her inserting back into mainstream pop. After the release of “Artpop,” which wasn’t regarded as a good album, Gaga slightly disappeared from the limelight. But with the new single, it’s clear that she’s back in full force. More so than “Perfect Illusion” and “Million Reasons,” the previous singles off of “Joanne.”

First, let’s talk about the song. It’s definitely something that would be featured on her first and second album, “The Fame/The Fame Monster,” and “Born this Way.” It Gaga going back to her roots. It’s also a nice blend of Country and Pop Rock. It’s rather amazing how she can really do any genre on music. Lyrically, the song can be take as many different things. But overall, it seems like she has a major fetish for guys that remind her as John Wayne. She’s looking for a bad boy. A country boy-I mean, man-that will help her get her fix of adrenaline because city men aren’t doing it for her. It’s a very catchy song, just like all of her song. Too short for me but that’s only because it had me wanting more.

Now the video itself is very interesting. It’s a classic Lady Gaga video. It’s too legit to quit. Like it’s a grand time to watch. It’s in your face and amazing. It’s a continuation from her “Million Reasons,” and she’s pretty much a speed junky in it. A speed junkie that happens to not care if she lives or dies. At points of the video, her and her boo are participating in dangerous acts. This involves what looks like,but not limited to, simulation sex, dancing out the windows, and playing with a loaded gun.  In-between all of this, Gaga is getting down with dance breaks. It’s all picks up when she and her boo end up hitting a tree. The dance breaks get more intense as she dances in a yard for the neighbor and she introduces the deadliest weapon known to man-high heel guns. Yas! Gaga has shoes that shoot bullets like a badass boss bitch. Sadly, the high heel guns end up killing Gaga as she shoots herself-like she’s on the hood of the wreck car shooting and then hits the version of herself that is in the middle of the yard.

Overall, this was a very enjoyable experience. It reminded me why I love Lady Gaga and why her monsters are very much obsessed with Mother Monster. I highly recommend if you haven’t been a fan of hers since “The Fame/The Fame Monster” and “Born This Way” days. You will love this song.

Here’s the music video for you to enjoy and partake in:





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