Singing reality shows need to end


It was recently announced that NBC was looking into picking up the dead ship called American Idol and bringing it back up from its shallow grave. For those who have literally been living under a rock for the last year, American Idol ended its dumpster fire like show last April by crowning the last American Idol, who realistically wasn’t an idol because most Americans didn’t watch the show. This raised much questions into what will become of “The Voice,” who’s ratings are currently down to begin with. And I have the perfect solution to the both issue: Drop both shows and move on.

Ever since people realized that they can get famous online, singing shows like that have been becoming more and more obsolete. The only reason “America’s Got Talent,” which should be cancelled to begin with, is that it’s more than just singing. There is more to offer there. American reality shows like that aren’t popular anymore. Look at the United States’ version of “The X Factor,” it’s extremely popular in other countries. The U.K. Version has been going strong since 2004. But it was an utter failure here in the States. The reason the American version didn’t last because there was too many reality shows in the market of singing competition, also because it was rather confusing. There was multiple categories with each judge having one but yet there was one winner. Didn’t make sense if you had no background info into how it worked. There wasn’t a way to get the causal viewer flipping through the commercials to get into the show.  You go to “American Idol” and “The Voice” and you get all competing for the same goal with no categories. Simple and make sense to everyone, including people flipping through channels. The American version of “The X Factor” should have adapted more to fit the audience.

Perfect example is when Big Brother came over from across the pond. The first season was literally taken from the British version of the game. The rating sucked because there was nothing keeping the viewers invested into the show. So for the second season, they add the HOH, Head of Household, competition and such and it became a hit and so much more interesting. There was a reason to get invested into the show because it got more drama and you wanted to see the backstabbing and the gameplay.

NBC needs to cut their losses and just move on and forget about picking up the dead ship. They just to focus on making “The Voice” more interesting because let’s be real for a moment: how many times can you see them flip their chairs around before it gets old.  “American Idol” was a good show for a couple of seasons, but shows need to adapt and change it up in order to stay competitive in the ratings. “Idol” never did that. The concept grew old and it would never survive in this day and age again, no matter who is the judges.

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