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Chains and whips excite me

Welcome to Valentine’s edition of “Pop Project Explains.” Currently the only constant thing on this site besides my rambling tangents. On this edition, I’ll be explaining the movie that many of you will be dragged to go see and then “try out,” Fifty Shades of Grey.” Now, this is covering the franchise as a whole, and yes-there is multiple movies.

Make sure you read this before you see any of the movies because then, you will know what the hell you got yourself into later on.

Fifty Shades of Grey kinky love sex

Yeah…it’s that kind of movie

What is “Fifty Shades of Grey?”

You remember the “Twilight” series that you were probably dragged? The movie is legitimately a “Twilight” fan fiction that was turned into a series of poorly written novels then turned into poorly written and directed movies starting attractive people. If you have not heard about what is in these, here’s a link so you know what to expect.

So pretty much, it’s a sexed up version of “Twilight” with sadist and masochist instead of vampires and werewolves…but it’s pretty much same thing.

The movie’s plot is simple. A girl who is going out into the big world by herself meets the love of her life who just happens to have a playroom where he ties people up and gags them because chains and whips excite him. That’s pretty much up. It’s just a movie about a girl trying things out in the bedroom. It’s literally a softcore porn that mothers aren’t trying to get pulled for being too sexual. It just happens this porn has the plot of Twilight…and is more coherent than the most pornographic films and my website.

There you go. That’s me explaining Fifty Shades of Grey. Did you expect this to be longer? Sadly, the plot is super thin just like Twilight. So yeah. I hope this helps you.

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