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I’ve tried my best to make this website the least bit political. The United State’s president is a pop culture figure and technically  I should be covering him since this is all about the happenings in pop culture. The only reason that I haven’t is because I frankly don’t like him. It’s not just because he’s the President, I just flat-out never liked him. Mainly because I feel like his hair is trying to escape but Trump has it strapped in for dear life, like it’s a hostage. I’ll make fun of him and the ridiculous things he does, if you haven’t read my making fun of the wall-here’s the link. But there’s one thing I can’t take anymore, and that is the freaking name calling and whining from both sides on the political spectrum. So lock the doors, lower the blinds, fire up the smoke machine and put on your heels-it’s about to get real up in this son of a bitch. We’re spilling tea, and dishing just desserts one may deserve. Let’s have a Kiki!

There’s one positive thing we can all agree on about the Trump presidency-more people are involved and keeping with politics than ever before. There’s more people keeping up with politics than there are Keeping up with the Kardashians. Which is hard because the Kardashians are everywhere more so than Trump. I follow and keep up with what both conservatives and liberals, also known as the right and left respectively, on twitter in order to get a better respective on things. It’s pretty obvious based on the content of this blog where I fall in the political scale of things. But I, being a journalist, play it fair the best I can when it comes to covering politics-minus jokes because jokes can be taken either way. But can I just say, that our political party system looks like a freaking joke. I’m all for presenting both sides but it’s just moaning,bitching,and whining. No one is having a respectful conversation about it but yet they all preach it. Have you seen them trying to have a conversation when there are rights and lefts together? Nine times out of ten, it’s a shouting match. And it’s the moderator/host that ends up starting. The host/moderator shouldn’t be egging this kind of stuff on. As part of the media, they should be presenting both sides and not just their side. Presenting both sides is very important especially when NEWS is in their title or what they cover. I should also mention that this involves presenting it in a respectful manner and not showing favoritism.

Then each party is stereotyping the other based on acting that a small percentage of the group that shouldn’t be a representation of the group. The right are labeled as white-supremacists who hate LGBTQA and immigrants. They want to “cleanse america” of people they feel to be imperfect. Reminisce of the Third Reich. The left are labeled as whiny and radicals that destroy whatever they want while all doing peaceful protest. They also refuse to let others speak who don’t agree with them. Hypocrites. Everyone knows that every group has people who take things a little too far. I understand that guilty by association plays a very pivotal part, but is it really fair to play that card when you don’t actually know the people? It’s also interesting to play that card when we are taught that we can’t control others actions. Both parties want each other to control the extremist that they don’t even know? Do they realize how impossible that is? I do agree that top names in both parties should be stepping up to stop the behavior. But if they aren’t, get over it. Both are guilty of it.

Also, stop with whole yelling when people are protesting peacefully or saying things you don’t agree. It’s covered by the first amendment, the one you both know by heart (some more than others). It’s part of the freedom of speech. Also you should be happy that you get to do either thing. It some countries, it’s not allowed.It’s their right to do that. And if people are saying things you don’t agree with, good. Let them say it and then politely tell them your points. This will get an actual conversation started instead of what we have now-just yelling and a “who’s have a bigger balls” contest. Can you picture how boring it would be if we agreed on everything?

So instead of yelling, calling names, and looping everyone into a stereotype, move on and get over it. Seriously. Also, practice what you preach because It’s getting old and I’m tired of looking like a joke to the other countries. You are both afraid and worried about the future. Comfort each other with conversations instead of what you are doing now. Pretty much, grow a pair and have an actual adult conversation. Again, this is geared towards both political parties. And on that note, THIS KIKI IS MARVELOUS!!!

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