What the App is this? Confide


Welcome to the late night edition of “What the App is this?” On this week’s edition, I’ll be sharing with you an app that is being “allegedly” being used by the United States government in order to stop leaks. Yes, this is another political thing but it’s actually rather interesting.

The app is called “Confide.” Never heard of it? That’s because it’s not a common app in the App Store. Pretty much, what it does is it will encrypt your messages so only people who can read it are the people you allow. It also “deletes” the message after the person reads it. Unlike, Snapchat, it doesn’t let you screenshot it. Literally, it will just be a gray box. You can also un-send the message. I don’t know about you, but I would love to have an un-send button.

The app is made for people who want to have unfiltered and confidential conversations. Pretty much, having a kiki with your friends without having to meet up in person incase you are busy people. As you can probably tell about this, there are positives to this app and there is also negative. While I don’t agree with using gossip, because that never ends well, I can kind of see it’s uses. And by kind of see, I mean that I slightly see. The Frequently Asked Questions page states that the app is mainly used for Job referrals, HR issues, and deal discussions.

If you have something that is literally needs the protection, then this is the way even if it is a tad overboard. There are probably better ways in order to prevent things from leaking out. Like if you are very anal and worried about looking like a fool in front of everyone because you have tiny hands with a big ego. The app honestly sounds like an amazing app and I recommend this app to people looking for security. I’m just saying that you may need to look at your priorities if you are using this app for not the things mentioned.


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