Spice up your love life with your About section


The “About Me” section is the make-or-break section when it comes to figuring out whether you’re a person of interest. It’s literally the nipples of your profile (like this post if you know what movie that’s from). You need to make it the best because it might cost you something. Because I’m a nice person and want you to find love…or friends. Welcome to “Social Media Corner,” the cleanest corner in the world.

You want to treat it like a résumé but be careful not to brag because then you will seem like you are completely conceited.If you want to mention that you are a model then just mention it only one time. If they want to know more, they will ask. Keeping short also let you have more opportunities for conversation when they message you. List some of your interest, hobbies,etc.

You also don’t want to put anything about being single. People can see that you are single from your relationship status, they don’t need to read it in your “About Me” section as well.It only makes you sound desperate for attention and desperate to find someone to date you. Even if you are desperate, you definitely should not want to show it. Showing your desperation will only get you the pity date or hang out which normally ends with pain, tears, and a marathon of nothing but “The Hills”. No one should have to live through that horror again.

Also, don’t talk about sex in your bio. Literally, keep it in your pants. Leave something to the imagination. Stay classy and not trashy. Basically you just want to keep it short, sweet, and to the point without airing all of your “dirty laundry”, so to speak. That will make you look needy and crazy.

All of this carries over to dating apps and your own social media. People you meet on dating apps will be creeping on your social media. So you want to make it presentable and interesting. Don’t publish or have anything on there you don’t want them to know. It should be pretty much obvious not to do that at this point. Hopefully this will get you a date 🙂

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