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Justin Timberlake has literally been a staple of pop culture since the mid 90s. Whether he be performing, or whether he be acting. JT has never failed to entertain us. Let’s take a moment to reflect on the greatness of JT. In honor of him, I give you the Top 5ive Justin Timberlake singles. I know what you are thinking and it was a rather hard thing to do.  But it has to be down. So here we go with “Top 5ive:Justin Timberlake.”

5. Mirrors

It’s the song that no one knows the words to. An amazing well-done song. I just wish I knew what he was saying most of the time. It’s also catchy and you will find yourself mumbling a long incoherently because you are trying to be cool and not look up the lyrics. Do yourself a favor, and just look them up. The lyrics are really good and add more to the song.

4. What Goes Around…/…Comes Around

“What Goes Around…./…Comes Around” is the unofficial sequel song to “Cry Me A River.” It’s pretty much the same concept just not about Britney. Either way, it’s an amazingly produced song that introduced us to Justin “You’re going to need to clear your whole day to listen” Timberlake. The song is over seven minutes long. This started a trend with him because his third and fourth album also featured this. Yeah, you need to have a full day to listen to his albums. Other that, which is just a personal preference, the song is amazing and catchy. This will be a trend with most of JT’s music

3. Suit and Tie

Released after a six-year hiatus from music, “Suit and Tie” showed that JT still has it.  It also was a call back to this R&B roots, which made up this first album “Justified.”  While its a rather annoying song, it’s very catchy. It starts up slow before hitting it’s stride and becoming a catchy dance number. When I first listened, I turned it off before it got better. It has come to grow on me…not a lot, but enough for me to admit that it’s good.

2. Cry Me A River

The song is amazing and has so much history behind it that it would be sad if it didn’t make the list. It’s one of the best breakup songs of this century. It was about his breakup with Britney Spears and it literally had a Britney look-a-like in the video. While he has/will deny it, we all know your attentions JT. “Cry Me A River” is one of his stand out songs. It was a massive hit, and with good reasons.

Check out the Battle of the Break up: Cry Me a River vs Everytime

1. SexyBack


“SexyBack” introduced us to an JT that we have never heard before. This was a JT that experimented in a total different sound than this first album. It was something total unexpected. It gave us quotes to say all the time, and a combination of genres that we never knew existed. Bring Rock like vocals with a EDM R&B song. Also, it gave us JT saying the f word….it’s always fun to hear former kid stars swear. The novelty factor never wears off on kid stars swearing. Just look at Nick Jonas’ career.

Here’s the playlist for this Top 5ive if you would like to listen to the magic. Don’t worry, it’s the radio edits:

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