Katy Perry is ‘Chained To The Rhythm’ in Pleasantville


Katy Perry released the video for her latest single “Chained To The Rhythm” and in normal Katy Perry fashion, the video is strange. It’s not Lady Gaga strange but it’s up there. It’s more deep than anything else. Before I dive into the video, let’s watch it together:

The video takes place in the world where the 1950s are a thing again. The video is pretty much set in a much more updated 1950s future. I was waiting for a 1950’s interpretation of robot to pop out and trying to crazily ¬†attack everyone but fail because they are taking pictures of it with their iPads.

The video itself is actually very representative of the meaning of the song. Through out the video you see Katy Perry follow the rest of the crowd in the amusement park “Oblivia,” named after what the people are-oblivious to their surroundings. They are on rides that are literally killing them because they are unsafe, one ride literally throws people over a white picketed fence. Throughout the video, it becomes more apparent that Katy Perry is falling out of the “Rhythm” as everyone around her keeps on doing what I’m referring to a synchronized land swimming. Everyone is in a line for a ride, it’s a long ass ride, and they are doing synchronized land swimming. Towards the end, Katy is out of the rhythm and ends up noticing that “hey, this isn’t right.”

Because of the 1950s theme, this reminds me of the movie “Pleasantville.” For those that don’t know, how dare you never see “Pleasantville,” it follows two siblings that got transported into a 1950s television show. Over the course of the movie, them and the citizens of Pleasantville become more socially aware of all the issues in the town like racism, free speech, and even what sex is (in the 1950s, penises and vaginas were on strike and never interacted. It was sexless time). As the town become more clear, the people and the surrounds turned from black and white to color. The concept that Katy used in the video was really well done. It showed the same plot in “Pleasantville” but made it her own. The movie is very relevant today. Katy’s video does an excellent job of pointing that out.

I have a feeling that Katy Perry’s videos will be like a series and each being a continuation of the one before it. There’s no clear resolution to this video, which allows me to make my own up. My ending is that Katy Perry kills everyone and ends up leaving with Skip.

Overall, the video makes you think. It’s not her greatest video but it’s her most profound. I’ll take profound over a show.

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