Deleting your past is just a swipe away


If you are famous, then you are kept up late at night because you’re terrified that the “fake news” media will come along and just dig up some of those old tweets where you called all children “annoying little bugs that parent’s should beat when they cry” or that time you tweeted Drake because you wanted him to “murder your vagina”…..Amanda Bynes. Don’t worry because I have an app for you that will help you practice your tinder swiping because you can’t seem to grasp the swiping aspect as good as your dog as well delete tweets that you probably don’t want them to know about.

The app is called “Keep or Delete” and it was made by a german to delete tweets that you don’t want to the world to see. It’s Tinder but you’re cringe is your own damn fault. A just like the real Tinder, there’s a way to back out of deletion just in case you decided that it wasn’t the thing to do. You can even save the tweet for later…just in case you need to delete one on the side.

The creator, Tobias Block, said that he created an app to help a friend, who’s twitter got him in trouble.

“In his Twitter history there happened to be an old but rather embarrassing tweet, regarding the company… long story short, he didn’t get the job.”

While there won’t be a Facebook version, it helps stop employers from digging stuff from your past. So if those drunk tweets that you blackout while tweeting could soon be all but a distant memory.

I think this app is a very good thing. I know I don’t remember what I tweeted two hours ago, let alone when I started my twitter (If you would like to see my twitter, here’s a link and make sure you follow #selfpromo). This app could literally help you figure out what to worry about. Especially now that we are all just a little bit wiser than when we probably tweeted about how much we wanted Drake to murder our vaginas. This app could potentially save hundreds of jobs.

If you are looking for this app, here’s a link to it in the Apple App Store for only $0.99. It’s worth it if you don’t want people to know that you had a dirty tweeting phase.

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