Ariana releases ‘Everyday’ video


Today, Ariana Grande released her latest video for her single “Everyday.” It’s a lot to talk about because it’s a lot not to get unless you think about it.

“Everyday” features rapper Future in it and talks about how her boyfriend is given her that good shit that makes her not quit. It’s pretty much a much better version of what Fifty Shades of Grey wants to be. She’s thinking about the sex her and her man is having. Or she’s thinking about her love affair with oversized puffy jackets. Literally, what is her obsession with them. They are obviously too big for her if she can’t even have them cover her shoulders. The 90s called and they want their oversized coat back.

Anyways, the video is pretty much Ariana watching people get it on as the public either stares or just looked on in disgust. These people are all shapes, sizes, races, age, and gender. Ariana is the only one in the entire video that is cheering these people on and isn’t looking like she is judging them. The video is showing that love doesn’t judge people and neither show we. A great message for today where we have to judge the person who uses the bathroom next to us.

Overall, the song is great and the music video is great for the message, but seems weird until the message clicks. That a good thing and a bad thing. It just depends on how one wants to see it. It’s good for the message but if it doesn’t click, then it just looks stupid.

Here’s the video for your ears to enjoy:

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