How to make a rumor


We live in a day and age where people aren’t creative anymore. They think “why should we went there’s a generator online/in the app store that can do it for me.” Because of this, people are making shitty ass rumors that aren’t very good. These rumors aren’t even rumors, they are just lies. They aren’t believable and just make the person who is making them up look like an idiot. Because I’m a nice person, I’m here to help you step up your rumor game. I’m not condoning rumors in an extremely hurtful and are out to ruin the reputation of someone. I’m a firm believer in rumor in good fun. So here are some helpful tips to make a rumor:

  • Rumors need be slightly believable: You will want to have the rumor be slightly believable. It has to be possible and something that this person would do. Sure, you can add a little bit of unrealistic attributes to it but that is game you don’t want to play. It’s a balancing act because if it’s too much then it’s easy to tell but what it is.
  • The person the rumor is needs to know: The person the rumor is about needs to be slightly in the know about the rumor. They need to be a good sport about it. If they aren’t then it won’t be in good fun. The people you tell can’t be in on because then it’s not a rumor. It’s a game then with too many people.
  • Don’t make it vicious: Once it becomes mean and vicious, then it’s no longer a good thing and it will end relationships. If someone no longer finds in good fun, then you need to stop that ship. Losing friends,relationships over a rumor is stupid. It’s like fighting over liking the same person-it’s not worth it.
  • Don’t be lame: At least make it interesting and not something that makes people go “oh.” You want them to go “ohhhhh.” It will stick if it’s something interesting and not lame. Don’t make your rumor lame, it’s just the worst. There are plenty of ways to not make it lame.

Again, this is all in good fun and not intended for rumors to hurt people. I’m just tired of people not putting any effort into their rumors. If you are going to do it, then don’t be lame.

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