All Hail Oprah



Bow down to the Queen Oprah Winfrey! On you knees, Peasants!

This is literally the day that I have waited for years. I’m literally so excited for this-mainly because I can finally make jokes about this. Oprah freaking’ Winfrey, is considering running for president in 2020. Let’s all take a breath about this because this is like Christmas. Here’s a gif to explain my excitement:

So the Supreme Ruler of the world, Oprah Winfrey, has been told that she should run for president literally for years. One can understand why she wouldn’t because she has a lot on her plate. She owns the world through her propaganda channel known as OWN-the title makes so much more sense now, doesn’t it? ¬†Anyways, The Supreme Ruler said in an interview that Donald Trump’s presidency has made her realize that she doesn’t need experience. Oh I how love when Oprah spills the tea.

This is literally the best news ever because she would be the best president. Can you picture how much better the country will be when she does a Presidential favorite things? While it’s not as good as my favorite things,I gave away six packs abs and attractive celebrities, it will literally shake the nation. Can you picture her giving away millions of things?

She also has an army of highly trained girls in her school for Africa. Oprah has her own little army of assassins. I bet you are now sticking two and two together and it’s all making sense. Oprah has a lot of power due to her reach. She freaking help Obama secure his win. She literally has all the power of ¬†the world. No one really fears her…at least they are willing to admit it. Rumor has it that people who pissed off Oprah, never lived to tell about it again. Oprah is one not to mess with,

Her cabinet will be the best. Gayle will be the first lady..erm, I mean Press Secretary. Martha Stewart can be in there. Hell, Barry Obama might be in the cabinet too. It could be an all-star cabinet. People will be wanting to have her to have more than two terms. And besides, who hates Oprah? Sure, she might have killed them all but still, no one really has a bad thing to say about her.

I’m personally all for Oprah’s candidacy for President. Sorry Paris, but Oprah will be a better choice. Oprah for Supreme Ruler of the US in 2020.

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