Ariana wants you to ‘Put Your Hearts Up’ like a bad bitch


Because of the Top 5ive list that just came out today, I felt like it would be a grand idea to take a trip down Honeymoon Ave and revisit fetus Ariana Grande and her first single “Put Your Hearts Up.” It’s time to review and relive the single that told Ariana Grande that maybe this isn’t the direction she would want to take.

Before becoming a “bad bitch” and licking donuts, Ariana was on the track to become a Pop Princess. Released December 12, 2011, the song was the first single of the fetus/unreleased version of “Yours Truly.” The song is a what was commonly referred as “Bubblegum Pop.” This genre is geared towards teens, pre-teens, and people in their 20s reliving their childhood. Ariana’s music about dick bicycles is definitely not Bubblegum Pop….if that is, then good luck to the parents out there who have to explain what a dick bicycle is.


There’s nothing really bad about the song besides if you look at it from what Ariana is doing now musically. It’s not really that good. While it’s a classic and beloved, along with all the other songs from the unreleased fetus album, Ariana literally despised this song. It’s noticeable in the video that she’s not having anything of that shit. Lyrically, the song probably would have been better if it followed as Ariana’s pop R&B styles. The lyrics are amazing, especially for something is geared towards her “VICTORiOUS” fans. It’s about changing the world with love. Vocally, it’s on par with her current stuff. It shows off her range and she slays it.

The video is stereotypical and features Ariana on set for the video inside the video. Like, there’s breaking the fourth wall and then there is this. It really doesn’t make any sense. It’s like she said in the link above, click on “this song” to see it, it feels like it’s more her character Cat Valentine than hers. The video also features Ariana dancing with her arms. Yes, Ariana Grande perfected Britney Spear’s arm dancing from her Circus World Tour.

Overall, it’s good song. Just awkward when you are used to the Ariana we have today. It’s like night and day and that’s a rather good thing. I honestly would like a Cat Valentine album…mainly because it would come with bibble, but this Ariana Grande is pretty much amazing and the best.

Here’s the video for your eyes to enjoy:


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