‘Love is Alive’ in Lea Michele’s new single

Lea Michele graced the world today with her newest single off her second album “Places.” The single, “Love is Alive,” is highly anticipated as Michele has been performing and hyping the song during a small tour called “An Intimate Evening with Lea Michele.”

“Love is Alive” is a departure from what her first album “Louder” was. While “Louder” was more poppy with catchy hooks that made you want to dance. “Love is Alive” is heading back to her roots, which was big broadway numbers and ballads. This song is a big broadway style ballad.

Vocally, the song effortless shows off Lea’s vocals and she does a great job of creating emotion in the song. The songs’ lyrics talk about feeling the love because that a special someone gives her. Aww, the feels. Here is what Lea said about the song:

I’m so proud of this song.. it’s so special to me. No matter what you go through in life.. love is a blessing and brings you so much joy. I hope you all love this song and it’s means as much to you as it does to me! ❤ #loveisalive.”

Overall, the song is amazing and I personally love when Lea Michele does ballads. She literally slays ballads and now I want more.

Here’s the single for your ears and soul to enjoy:

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