‘Green Light” introduces Angry Lorde


Last Thursday,┬áLorde┬áreleased her newest single “Green Light.” This is the first single off of her upcoming second album “Melodrama.”

“Green Light” isn’t’ anything that we have heard from Lorde. This song is more emotional than her first album “Pure Heroine.” Instead of the focus being on youth and mainstream culture, this song is geared towards heartbreak and trying to move past it. Her vocals are raspier and she sounds pissed off. Like a boy cheated on her with her mom or sister.

The song left me feeling very much unfulfilled. When it finally reached the end, I said to myself “is that it?” There really wasn’t any sort of ride that a song usually takes you on. It just felt like one song ride without any high points that make you go say damn. The climax of the song wasn’t really there either. It was missing the parts that make up a song. It had the verses and the chorus but there wasn’t any to make you want to ride the song to the end. It was just incomplete and rushed.

The beat and melody are basic. The payoff beat for the chorus doesn’t make you feel it like it should. I like that she is trying different things but it just feels rushed overall. Like there’s was supposed to be more but it didn’t make the cut. The song is holding back. It could have been a more epic track but it’s just not.

The video for the song is just generic. Lorde is just going around the town and living her life in the club and such. It’s nothing special. There could have been more. It’s just holding back.

Overall, it’s an okay song and video. Nothing special, it’s just kind of there. The vocals are fine but what’s holding back on the song and video is how basic it is and it’s not adding anything to the sea of pop music.

Here’s the video for your eyes to enjoy




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