Ariana Grande and John Legend dazzle in ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Video


Tonight, Disney released the music video for Ariana Grande and John Legend’s version of  “Beauty and the Beast.” The song comes from the new live action movie “Beauty and the Beast” that is coming out later this month. At this point, if you don’t know that there is a live-action version of the movie then you need to get out more.

The video is visually stunning and is wonderful the eyes. It’s a very simple premise that doesn’t do what most soundtrack song do, it doesn’t ruin any part of the movie. Granted, it’s hard to ruin a movie that we’ve all seen. The only clip that’s from the movie is Beast and Belle dancing in the ballroom. The rest is John playing the piano and Ariana singing with synchronized land swimmers swimming on land around her. The entire video is a visual masterpiece and extremely well done. I’m highly impressed with how they did the video. It wasn’t anything that I expected. Hell, I wasn’t even expecting a video for the song.

Pretty much, the video is hype for the movie and how it looks. And if the movie is anything like the video, then this movie will be pleasing for the eyes. Have I mentioned how this video is visually stunning? Yeah, I know it’s a bad joke but it’s literally the only thing going for the video. There isn’t anything else going for the video because it’s a basic video. And it works for it.

Overall, this video is amazing visually. While it isn’t anything special, it stands out just for the visuals. Ariana looks stunning…and her hair isn’t in a ponytail. I know, it was shocked too. John Legend is playing the piano and pretty much letting Ariana just show off.

Here’s the video, your eyes will thank you:

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