#MemoriesCureMondays-Backstreet Boys


Had a rough monday? Don’t worry, we are mixing #ManbandMonday with #MemoriesCureMonday (yes, I know there’s way to many hashtags) to talk about something that will make your inner little 90s child’s heart sing. Let’s talk about the Backstreet Boys. This will help make your day better.


The BSB has been going strong since 19993 whether that be as a quintet or a quartet. They have given us many memorable music videos that sparked many pop culture tropes that we still want from our music videos. From the matching all white outfits in the “I Want it That Way” to the extremely epic and iconic “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” video where they all turned into monsters, they little shook us at our cores. Everyone has a favorite Backstreet Boys song, it’s literally impossible and inhumane not to like at least one of their songs. And the horrible 90s haircuts and outfits, who doesn’t love past bad choices. It’s like a train wreck. It’s a glorious time for music, but a shit show of a time for fashion and hair. Making right choice in those departments were few and far between.


They are so nostalgia that they are now even doing a Las Vegas residency like the Queen Britney Spears. Located in The AXIS auditorium in the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, the show is just one big nostalgia drug that is just waiting for you to intake. From “Larger to Life” to “Incomplete, they are literally playing all the song we know and love. This isn’t a paid sponsored ad, unless BSB and Planet Hollywood would like to make it one (call me !). It’s just amazing when you sit and think about all the amazingness that BSB has brought us over the years. In honor of these memories, here’s a classic BSB video to help turn your Monday around:

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