NKOTB gets a little sensual in new single


The greatest boy band of all time-yes,its true-New Kids on the Block released their latest single “One More Night” last night and boy, it is something that I wasn’t expecting. You think that I would at least consider it due to the song title, but nah.

“One More Night” is the first single off their newest EP “Thankful,” mark your calendars now because it’s due out on May 12. The song is a song about hooking up….yep! It’s not like 98 Degree’s song “Microphone” where they cleverly hid it, but it’s not up to the level of their younger counterparts.

The beat in this song is amazing and is perfect for the “get it own style” that are going for. The lyrics are just the problem. The lyrics are really up to the NKTOB standard that separated them when they release “10” back in 2013. Those lyrics were way better than any pop group/artist released at the time. Hell, they are still better than most of the lyrics in 2017. I just wish that there was more substance to the lyrics.

The vocals aren’t a problem in the song as they slay. The vocals on the song are amazing. They really help the beat carry the sexual and sensual tones NKOTB is presenting in the song. The falsettos are great. I like how almost everyone gets a change to sing on the song instead of sticking to the “main vocals.” There isn’t just Jordan or Joey carrying the song. It’s more of a team effort.

Overall, the song is an okay song. The only thing from keeping the song from being amazing is the lyrics. If there was more substance, then it would be an amazing song. But from a nostalgia purposes, it’s just great to hear new music from NKOTB. It’s a great starting point for the new EP but there could have probably been a better first single.

Here’s them performing “One More Night.”

Rating: 3.5 out of 5: Hangin’ Tough



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