Hatred towards societal standards


I fucking hate society sometimes. It doesn’t make any sense and constantly contradicts itself. I’ve tried rather hard not to understand it as a whole and just make comments on aspects. But sometimes I just have to raise my hands in the air and go “Holy Shit, what the  actual fuck.” Yes, the f-word will probably in here from time to time.

Let’s look at the latest celebrity that society has made: the “cash me ousside” girl. For those are lucky enough to not know about her, her name is Danielle Bregoli and she and her mother appeared on “Dr.Phil.” They were on the show because Danielle and her mother weren’t getting along because Danielle was a little hell beast that was extremely disrespectful towards her mother and thought she was what is viewed as “ghetto,” or “hood.” She even threatens the audience and delivered the line that doesn’t help societies view on the younger generation being “uneducated due to technology slowly killing their brains.” Danielle then says “Cashme ousside, how bow dah.” So what does society do with this horrible and quite frankly disturbing behavior? Turned her into an overnight celebrity.  Because that makes fucking sense. Now, this girl, who is blatantly disrespectful is a role model because society gave her a platform.  This doesn’t make any sense but then again, we gave someone who a total and complete douche the highest leadership position in the United States.

It’s things like this that grinds my gears and grows my hatred for societal standards. Why is it so easy to get notoriety by being a train wreck yet it’s hard to get it when you actually have talent? Why are rewarding for people like this? I mean, it’s not a new occurrence. It’s been going on since MTV gave us “Jackass.” And yes, Danielle will get her fifteen minutes of fame and then it will be gone as it has in the past. It shouldn’t have happened to begin with. She should have when on the show and that was it.

Do we make them famous because they make us feel better about ourselves? Do people famous like that make us go “I’m so glad I am not like that?” That could be just me trying to rationalize why we make people famous when it’s not deserved. Because there isn’t any rationalize reason behind.

My point is that we need to look at the people we are putting into the spotlight. Instead of taking in enjoyment and putting them into the spotlight because of bad behavior or stupid students, stop. Also, quit being a fucking hypocrite about too. Don’t make them famous and then bitch about them being famous. Take responsibly for it and then move on. Let’s celebrate the talent and not stupid stunts.

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