‘Where Are You’: ​Nick and Jessica’s love song


Before Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson got married and we had the Chicken of Sea incident, I still want to know if it’s chicken or tuna, they decided to sing about their love. Released as the third single off her debut album “Sweet Kisses”, “Where Are You” is probably the best single that Jessica Simpson released at that point from an artistic perspective. The song was the first ballad they would do together during their seven-year relationship.


The song was a lovely ballad about being in the arms of her boyfriend. Literally, that’s all the deeper the song is about. It’s as shallow as the kiddie pool. The video didn’t help the song either. It’s your stereotypical teen love ballad video of the early 2000s. Here are the bullet points for you because you will have a hard time keeping up with how deep this song /video is:

  • Attractive teens sing in wooden area and Diner
  • Attractive teens be all adorable together while singing
  • Attractive background teen couple comes into play
  • Attractive teen brooding poses while song plays
  • Attractive teens kiss in multiple areas
  • Forgot about Attractive background teen couple? so I did the people in the video
  • Attractive teen couple fades dramatically

The main issue with the video, besides the fact it’s shallow, is that it came out when there were a million videos like it. You see, during the late 90s to late 2001s, it was a popular thing to “share” concepts. If one artist/bands did one thing that was really successful, then everyone decided to do it. This was the story of Jessica’s career. The only thing original she did was “Newlyweds” and the show wasn’t even her idea.

The song itself is a classic mainly for the nostalgia and the fact that Nick and Jessica were relationship goals before that was a thing. The lyrics are bland and sound like the person/people writing it has never felt this way. The song is way too slow and just forgettable and you will probably just stumble on it during a nostalgia binge. Which is the saddest part of about this because the vocals are amazing and make up for how much this song is just not good.

Overall, it’s not a great song but it’s just good because of the nostalgia behind it.

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