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It’s March, and you know what that means: yes, it still sucks, but it’s the one time a year that college basketball is relevant. In this edition of “Pop Project Explains,” it’s time to dive into a concept that no one knows why it’s so popular but it-March Madness. It’s pretty much the super bowl for college basketball that lasts a month, although it feels longer.

Pretty much, March Madness is a tournament in college basketball for the NCAA Men’s Divison I Basketball Championship. 68 teams compete in the single-elimination tournament, and they are ranked 1-16 based on region. The teams then play each other until they lose. After the second round, they have clever names for the rounds based on how many people are in it: Sweet 16, Elite 8, and Final 4. The tournament begins in the second full week of March and ends the first full week of April. Oh, there are games on pretty much every day, so good luck trying to watch TV if you share one with someone who watches this.

March Madness is pretty much like crack to some people. It takes over their life. It’s because they have money or some prize at stake. Many use the tournament as a bonding ritual amongst friends and coworkers. Hell, ESPN has it set up as a competition amongst all the users of its site. Pretty much, people use March Madness for drinking, gambling, and hanging out with friends. There’s even like a point system for the tournament brackets. No one usually understands it, but they go with it. It’s March Madness, and it’s better not to question…especially if you are winning.

People take filling out the bracket very seriously. Like people research this. It’s probably more and in-depth research than what is needed. And people use multiple brackets, and it’s just maddening because they take it that seriously. I recommend filling out a bracket if you never have because it’s amusing to win with little to no knowledge of it. Cave dwellers can fill it out.

Here’s my surefire method to beating your friends: have the higher ranking teams. It’s a guarantee that some of the number one ranked will make it all the way- unless there is a rebellion. That’s what I call a lower-ranked team beating a higher-ranked team. The only time my method won’t work is the Final 4. That is when you go nuts and go with your gut. The other way that you can use it if you are feeling like taking a risk is judging by the name of the school. That’s like driving with your window downs, and there’s a chance of rain. That’s too wild for some.

Hopefully, this has helped you understand March Madness. The tournament will be starting soon, so make sure that you are ready. Make sure you also tell your enemies:

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