Do we still need cameras?


So I’m going to try something new on here…well it’s not really anything new but just something different.Today, let’s go onto the tech side of Pop Culture and talk about whether or not cameras are still important this day and age. I’m going to try to not make it be cell phones/tablets vs camera but it’s probably going to be that. Mobile devices like those are a part of everyday life for us in the year 2017.

Before we had cell phones and tablets that had the ability to take high-resolution photos, in order to capture moments you would have to carry around a camera. Nowadays, they aren’t really important unless you are a professional photographer or videographer. The only reason you would need a camera is if you are looking to take really nice photos, but even then there are apps where you can edit them to look like it.

And the cameras you want, the really nice ones, are a couple hundred of dollars. So you might as well spend the money on a phone, which does more than most cameras (that are reasonably priced). There’s not really a point to spent $800 on a fancy camera when you can get an iPhone or Andriod phone that you can take pictures on, play games, and view funny videos of cats. Don’t try to hide it, we all love cat videos. The only benefit to really having a camera is that there usually isn’t a newer cooler version of the camera every 6-12 months. That saves you money.
There’s not even a problem with how many photos or video can be held and the quality anymore. Android phones can use SD cards and they have special USB stick for iPhones to store photos. You also can’t forget about the cloud. Just don’t put your nudes on there and you should be good. 

Unless you are looking to get into filming or photography professionally, you really don’t need a camera. The phone or mobile device’s camera will do just fine if you are just capturing memories. It’s just easier all around. If there were little cheaper nicer cameras, then you can probably write off a camera. But they are just too much money for casual users.

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