Victoria Justice returns to High School in ‘The Outcast’


Apparently Victoria Justice isn’t just sitting at home dreaming she was Ariana Grande. The star of “VICTORiOUS” is in the new movie called “The Outcasts” and it’s everything I didn’t know I didn’t want in a movie.

The movie is pretty much your basic stereotypical high school movie that we have all seen 100 times. Vicky J and her best friend get tired of always getting screwed over by the popular people so they get all the “unpopular people” together and rebel against the popular people in what is basically a rip up of the Ariana Grande and Mika’s music video “Popular”…..minus the magic and the murder. Yeah, it’s that kind of movie.

The movie itself isn’t the greatest thing in the world. It seems to have funny moments but they come off as no funny, mainly because there isn’t any sort of set up for the joke. It’s just cut right to it. The acting is okay in it, which is to be expected it a movie geared towards teenagers. And frankly, the entire premise is overdone and nothing really new. It’s pretty much a staple of all the teen movies since the late 90s. The most popular movie to do it is “Mean Girls.” We need to get more original plot people. There’s only so many times you can run the same plot down our throats.

The only thing that covers up all of this is the feels that Victoria Justice and Avan Jogia bring, as this was their first project together since “VICTORiOUS” ended in 2013. ¬†People literally wanted their characters to be an item the entire show. It was a big deal. This nostalgia is what’s feeding this movie.

Overall, it doesn’t look like a bad movie, it’s just overdone. “The Outcasts” will be in theaters and Video On Demand on April 14.

Here’s the trailer for you viewing pleasure:

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