Album Review: Zara Larsson releases ‘So Good’


Swedish artists have always been renowned for excellent pop music with catchy hooks and beats that you wouldn’t want to get out of your head. ABBA in the 1970s, Roxette in the 1980s, Ace of Base in the 1990s, and A*Teens in the 2000s are just some of the groups that came out of Sweden to become popular worldwide. Max Martin, the genius that gave award-winning songs for all the big names in the late-90s like Britney Spears and the Backstreet Boys. Newest Swedish pop sensation Zara Larsson released her second album “So Good” to add her name to the list of great Swedish artist.

“So Good” is…well, what you would expect at this point. It follows the trends and the tropes of the most pop artist in this day and age. While I won’t deny that Zara has a really nice voice, she sounds like the majority of the artist on the radio today. Her songs don’t really have that much meaning to them as they are just like most of the pop song you will hear on the radio. To some, this will be good and she’ll sell music. But to others, they will just think she was another artist.

“I Can’t Fall in Love with You” and “One Mississippi” are probably the only two songs that really make her unique. But that’s only because it’s not like most of the songs on the album. You have heard some of her songs but like I said before, you probably thought it was someone else. I even when went back to see what her music before “So Good” was like, and frankly, it was better. It wasn’t so formulaic like “So Good.”

All the music sounding the same in pop music is what’s wrong with most music in this day and age. There’s nothing that sets them apart. In the late 90s/early 00s, they all might have looked the same but their music was at least had subtle differences to help tell them apart from one another. Zara sounds like most of the pop artist you will hear on the radio.

Her album is bad, it just doesn’t have any replay value because how similar it sounds to other music on the radio. As soon as the first song came on, I felt like I have heard it before. It was like that for the majority of the album. In order for an artist to thrive and survive, they need to stand out with their music. “So Good” definitely isn’t standing out.

Overall, If you like the majority of mainstream pop music in which it all sounds the same then you will love the album. It just won’t have any replay value. If you were looking for a change in pop music, then “So Good” isn’t for you. Zara has a long way to go if she’s looking to be next big Swedish pop sensation.

Here’s the album for your ears to hear:

Rating: 3 out of 5

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