Lindsay Lohan wants to put you through hell


Our girl Lindsay Lohan is back and she’s looking for a reason to troll people. Apparently, she has found that reason and is using it to give people money….and to hack and control people’s social media. Oh, how relevant hacking is in this day and age.

In between saving the world as an American Diplomat, Lindsay will be starring in a new reality television show “The Anti-Social Network.” The show is a modern take, a reboot if you will, of the popular MTV “Punk’d” that featured Ashton Kutcher playing practical jokes on celebrities all while making trucker hats cool again. I don’t talk about the reboots. They are a dark cloud…I don’t see those dark clouds, only the radiant sunshine of the original. Lindsay won’t be pranking celebrities, at least not yet, but rather just normal everyday people. From the look of the trailer, Lindsay has control of your social media for 24 hours and will make you do three challenges in order to win prizes, money, and your social media back. Because changing your password on Lindsay isn’t an option.

It honestly doesn’t look like a bad show. I’m glad that she is trying to get back into the game. It’s a new take on pranking and doing what people do all the time. You see your friend’s phone alone and their social media open, so you post a funny post. It’s just this time, it get’s people out of the comfort zones and doing things they want/never thought about doing. It also doesn’t help that they are getting prizes for it.

There isn’t any network for the show, yet. but I think that this is a good thing for Lindsay is trying other routes to keep her in the mainstream mind. It’s better to have this and not stories about the drunk use and heavy partying. Think of this as Lindsay giving back to the community.

It this day and age, I wouldn’t be shocked if the show becomes a web series. Hopefully, something will happen with the series.

Here’s the video for your eyes to see and go “oooooh”:

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