Morphin Movie Review: Power Ranger The Movie OG


In honor of the new “Power Rangers” being released on Friday, I thought it would be an amazing idea to relive the magic of the OG Movie: “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie.” Because without this movie, we wouldn’t have a reboot movie. Literally, because they technically wouldn’t have anything to reboot. Sure, they could have rebooted the TV show but where’s the fun in that.

Released in summer 1995, “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie” featured the cast you know and love from the hit television, plus a little more. It was pretty much the show that we all know and loved but on a way higher budget. The bigger budget leads to bigger more elaborate sets and locations, better suits, and a lot more action. Sounds amazing right? Because who doesn’t love teens in multicolored spandex with a higher budget.

The follows the gang (Tommy, Kimberly, Billy, Aisha, Adam, and Rocky) as they meet the big badĀ Ivan Ooze, who just magically is trapped inside an egg under Angel Grove because of the plot. Ivan distracts the teens long enough to break into the Command Center to destroy their powers and the command center itself. Once the Power Rangers find the ruins of the Command Center, they do the most responsible thing ever. They leave earth unprotected with Ooze while they take a one-way trip to find the mystical powers on a distance planet.

The movie follows suit with the plot of the show. There’s a problem, with a bad guy of the week, followed by defeating the bad guy, and positive outcome. In the movie, this formula is dragged out in an hour and 39 minutes. Because of this, the movie starts to feel long after the first 40 minutes of it. The plot of starts off strong but then goes all over the place after the destruction of the Command Center. It starts to get spend too thin by stuff like the Power Rangers leaving, Ivan’s plot to find his two robotic creature, and by the long friend to the Power Rangers named Fred. sigh.

Fred is annoying child character that was supposed to help the plot but ends up making me wanting to stab myself in the eyes. He just comes off as annoying and bad. What was the point of him? He doesn’t really do anything to the plot until the end. He is just one of the many annoying characters. Goldar and the new villain for the movie named Mordant, who’s a pig, are very annoying in this movie and don’t add anything to it. The same thing for the bird henchmen that Ivan makes. There are just too many minor characters that take away from the plot and the major character.

The big budget does make the feel of the movie feel bigger. While I wish it was still some sort of television costume or sets there. It helps make it feel like it was apart of the show and not just a high-priced version of the television. Just a little bit on of continuity would have been great. The both versions of the costumes are iconic but having the show costumes probably would have made the movie a little better. The worst part of the big budget is the CGI they use. It’s rather bad. Like it’s really really bad. I understand that it’s the mis-90s but they still could have done a better job.

Overall, the movie is okay. It could have been better but it suffers from a plot that has too much filler, too many minor characters that don’t add to the plot, bad CGI, and a bigger budget that wasn’t used in the right places. The movie is a classic for the nostalgia and is the better of the two Power Rangers movies in the 90s (Spoiler: “Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie” was way worse.)

Rating: 3 out of 5

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