Justice prevails in ‘Justice League’ Trailer


We finally got the first look at the newest DC movie “Justice League” and boy, it looks like a smashing good time. Now, I’m personally not a huge fan of the DC movies, but the trailer for this one has me wanting to see it. DC has been killing it with their trailers lately…kind of.


Now when I think of “Justice League” I think of the 1970s “Super Friends” television show with the wonder twins and the teen sidekicks that were there for comedic effect.  I also think of the extremely well-written 2000s television shows “Justice League.” This movie looks like it’s going to be the best of both worlds with a gritty comedic approach.

The trailer shows Diana Prince, Wonder Woman, and Bruce Wayne, Batman if you don’t know who he is, agreeing they need to form a team in order to stop an alien threat from attacking the planet. In the trailer, we are introduced to The Flash, Cyborg, and a very muscular  and tatted Aquaman. They did it in a similar fashion to what they did in the “Suicide Squad.” They highlighted the characters powers/personality and how the interact with others. This works way better and shows off each character. It’s not just a random clips of the character.

The action in the clip looks rather good. It looks like they took the time to try different and interesting ways to have the action not look like others in the universe. I also liked how they didn’t focus too much on Batman and Wonder Woman. They are there but they aren’t taking away from the new characters. We already know about them from the horrible Batman v Superman…and yes, that movie was horrible. If it was 5 years shorter, then it would have been better. That movie was longer than “Lord of the Rings.”

Right now, my favorite character is The Flash. He’s the true hero in this trailer because he comes off as the most likeable. He won the trailer when he literally asked Bruce Wayne what his superpower was. That’s what everyone has been wanting to know for years. He’s an asshole and he knows it. I like that. Also, I really like Wonder Woman more in this than in her actual trailer, which is sad because she had less screen time in this than in the trailer for her movie.  I also enjoyed they didn’t show Superman in this. It’s kind of building the suspense of “Where is he in all of this.” It also shows they are actually trying to show off the new characters more than the all ready established ones.

Overall, the trailer hypes up “Justice League” extremely well. It doesn’t put the new characters in the background but rather up front. It also shows a lot of the movie but not too much or not too less. This is probably the best trailer DC has put out in years. “Justice League” opens in theater on November 17, 2017.

Here’s the trailer for you to enjoy:

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