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This is going to be a little bit different because I’m just going to rant the entire time and probably end up dropping the f-bomb. But hey, what’s the internet for if one can’t rant and drop a few f-bombs. Lock the door, lower the blinds, and fire up that smoke machine because it’s about it get real up in this bitch.

Recently, I’ve been noticing that if we don’t like something that we feel like something offends us or we don’t agree with it, we must make it disappear. Somehow, we got it build into our minds that our opinion is the most important view in the world and that if someone doesn’t agree with that “fuck them! Let’s flag it!” It’s like we don’t want people to hear negative opinions and just want them to believe the same that we do because “it’s the right way.” The worse part is that we aren’t truly hearing/reading the opinion. We are just making a snap decision based on the title, picture, or just by that person.

Recently, I wrote an article about the Food Network and how it’s “evil” in a satirically way. The article got linked on Facebook to the Food Network’s page due to the mention of the network….also because I tagged them in it. Boy, did that cause a shitstorm. I got two comments telling me that I was evil and to get lost with a meme that had Darth Vader with “The Stupid is strong with this one” and another one telling in a meme form that nobody cares. I took that one with a grain of salt and just thanked them for reading and told them I would save them a spot in my evil regime. If you are going to try to pick a fight, at least have the balls to actually have a point with actual backing. Have a conversation about it.  Don’t be a childish and use memes and telling people to get lost.

But the one that actually pissed me off was a message asking me to take down the post. Here’s the message, and I’m not fixing the spelling errors because they are human and make mistakes:

Hey The Pop Project: with Steven Kaufman, I feel this post has misleading information. I don’t think it should be on Thee Food Netowkr Facebook Page. Could you please take it down?

Now, I took this seriously and investigated it. I’ll be the first to remove something if it’s wrong and change it up. I honestly, didn’t find anything wrote with it. It wasn’t on the actual post of the Food overlords. Here’s what I wrote back, and I’m leaving in the mistake because I’m human:

Thank you for your message about the article. The article itself is a satirical look at the food network and how complicated cooking can be at times even if you followed a reciepe. It wasn’t suppose to be take as a serious article but rather one on humor. Because of how it only shows up on under the community tab or vistor’s post and you have to scroll down a large amount of other post in order to reach the article, I won’t be removing the mention of the Facebook page of The Food Network. Again, thank you for your message. Have a wonderful day *insert smiley emoji*

Now, it should have ended there. But nope, the person then decided to “show their cards” and revealed why they wanted actually wanted it down:

Welp, I guess some folks are just way into self-promotion. Doesn’t really resonate with me, or the people I tend to know, but if that’s your thing….good on ya.

Now let’s break that down, and this will involve the f-word. For this, I’m going to use my friendly neighborhood numbered points:

  1. Tagging the subject matter in a post with a link to a related article that everyone fucking does – included the beloved food network. It’s not just for people who are “way into self-promotion.”
  2. Just because it doesn’t “resonate” with you or your friends, doesn’t mean that it should be taken down. There other people who might either agree with the article or find it funny.
  3. This one is very petty  but you shouldn’t be fucking use the word “resonate.” You sound pretentious as fuck.

If people were to actual read the article for what it’s worth and not had written it off from the title, then they would have caught the humor in it. Apparently the lesson of “Don’t judge a book by its cover” doesn’t matter when you don’t agree with something. If they were to actually read it, then you would have caught the first sentence where I stated that I don’t watch The Food Network willingly. That right there is a sign that this isn’t supposed to be taken seriously.

We need to stop fucking judging people for having a different opinion. We need to actual listen to the person’s opinion. And if we don’t agree with it, then we just need to move on. Don’t try to have it pull because it doesn’t agree with your opinion. We are allowed to a differing opinion. Respect it. You didn’t have to read my article, you could have just went “that’s bullshit” and moved on with your life. You don’t need to comment on everything. Also, if you decide to have an actual conversation about your differing opinion, be polite and actually have one. If you watched/saw a television show or movie that you didn’t like, would you have watched it? Probably not but you would respect that people do and not watch it. You need to treat opinions like that.

I would like to thank those you found my article offense and commented on it because you just helped other people find it. Also, thank you for a new series. *mic drop*

Oh this Kiki was

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