How to get lucky at Prom


It’s almost time for every high schooler’s favorite night – Prom. Prom is the one night a year that teens can look, dress and feel like a movie star. They spent hundreds of dollars of the perfect tux and grown so they can look the best for “the night of nights.” Hell, they even go out of their way to ask someone to prom. It’s literally like they are getting married these days. But we all know why people are excited about prom….

It’s literally the most expensive sex you will ever have…unless you decided to get yourself a prostitute or an escort and yes, there’s a difference. The sad part is that more than likely, it will be unforgettable unlike that time you’re pants fell down in gym class. Because I’m a good person and don’t want you getting tips from some random blog online, I thought I would give you some tips on how to get lucky at prom. So here is how to make sure you get lucky at prom:

  • Surround yourself with friends: Make sure you are with people you actually like for the event. Don’t go with people who you don’t even know. It’s all about having fun and enjoying the time. You won’t have nearly as much fun as you would if you go with strangers. Friends are what makes an experience.
  • Be yourself: Just go there and have the time of your life. Don’t let others judge and hinder you from being yourself. They are probably just jealous that they can’t be as fun and as cool as you. Haters are going to hate. Just do what makes your happy and screw them. Just make sure you smile and laugh when they are talking about you because that’s like pouring salt into their very bitter wounds.
  • Take lots of pictures: Make sure you capture the memories of the prom with tons and tons of pictures that are appropriate to show your mother. These will help remember how truly special that night was. You want the photos to bring out your inner “aww” and always have the feels take over your soul. Take pictures of you and your friends having fun. Take pictures of you and your date. Just take pictures. Memories fade, but pictures last a lifetime.

Now, I bet you are wondering “Steven, where the hell is the tips for sex on prom night? Isn’t this what “getting lucky” mean? And no, you just got click baited-technically. Now, I’m not going to judge if you are your date spent hundreds on outfits just to go to a sleazy hotel room or the backseat of your car and rip them off. But getting lucky at prom is having an enjoyable time that you will remember for a long time. Would you rather have unremarkable sex or have it actually mean something? Also, who wants to be a cliché? It’s so 1980s to have sex after prom.

Wait until it’s spontaneous and magical. It’s still a cliché but at least it’s a way better one. But these were your tips on how to get lucky at prom. Hopefully, these will help you have a wonderful prom experience.

……Get it?….

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