Album Review: Joe Jonas lived the ‘Fastlife’


Before joining DNCE, Joe Jonas was a “Love Slayer.” In 2011, Joe Jonas released his first, and only, solo album entitled “Fastlife” but no one really calls it that. I refer to it as “Love Slayer” or “Joe Jonas’ sex album” because that was what it was. It was the promise ring wearing Jonas’ ode to getting it on that just came out of nowhere. Because nothing says sex like getting a gun pulled on you in the bathtub. See?

If that doesn’t scream sex, then I don’t know what does. “Fastlife” is the first Jonas album to have a Parental Advisory sticker. Why? Because Lil Wayne raps on the album. Yeah, see how it just comes out of nowhere? Wasn’t expecting Lil Wayne to appear? Neither was the rest of us. At least Nick got his sticker all by himself by saying naughty naughty words and talking seductively to the point that women were throwing panties at computers/mobile devices hoping he will get them by magic.

The songs on the album aren’t bad, they just aren’t what someone was expecting from him. The main problem is that Joe didn’t slowly/give any warning that his album would be dirtier than a child’s sandbox until it was literally too late. “Just in Love” was the only indication of it and that was nothing compared to some of the other songs on the album. Can you picture being the parent that bought their child a Jonas Brother’s album that was laced with sexy sexual lyrics?

Lyrical matured, the songs were catchy and made you dance. “See No More” is probably the standout song from the album because it shows what the album could be. It’s very obvious that  Joe did this album in order to shed his purity ring image…and the ring itself. Like I said, the songs aren’t bad they just were unexpected. It also doesn’t really sound like him, at least that that time. Just a year earlier, Joe and his brother were starring in the sequel to their Disney Channel original Movie “Camp Rock.” The Jonas Brother were even on an unofficial break. “Fastlife” was literally something that no one expected because of that. It hurt the album like a Taylor Swift break-up song.

If the album was released now,  then it wouldn’t be that big of a change and probably would have been more successful. Overall, it’s not a bad album. It just the one that makes you go “Is that Jonas Brother talking about sex?”  I wonderful if this album is what made Nick release his sexy time albums?

Here’s the album for you to enjoy:

Rating: 3 out of 5

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