Single Review: Demi Lovato and Cheat Codes love ‘No Promises’


Oh, what a day to be a Demi Lovato fan.  The newest single from the DJs known as Cheat Codes that features Demi on the track. “No Promises” is Demi first step into the genre of EDM and the Cheat Codes biggest featured artist to date. With many people calling it the hit of the summer. To that I say, it’s freaking April and you need to cool your jets.

Like most people probably listening to this song, it’s my first time listening to one of the Cheat Codes songs. I really wasn’t sure what to expect and I’m glad to say I enjoyed listening to it. “No Promises” was really something that was pleasant to the ears. It had a catchy beat and melody that made you want to shake it. It’s not overpowering but yet, not underwhelming.

I was shocked to hear Cheat Codes actually do vocals on this song. Most DJs that release songs with a featured artist just let them do all the work while they just produce the beat. It was really refreshing to hear them on it. And their vocals were actually rather good. Demi’s vocals were also really good, but it was expected because it’s Demi Lovato. I miss there was more of Demi on the song but that’s only because I want more park and bark moments at the end of the song. There’s one and that’s about it. I need more.

The lyrics are something that is hard to explain. They sound like they are talking about no string attached hookups, like every great song these days. But yet, they read like it’s supposed to be a love song. So I’m going with it’s a love song about hooking up with no strings attached. That’s the only reasonable conclusion to make. The lyrics are actually rather good. They aren’t amazing and earth shattering but hey, they work for the song.

Overall, it’s a good song that will be a hit. It’s catchy and will rock the radio. Will it be a summer hit? I don’t know because it’s freaking April. But I can see it being a hit, particularly in the summer months.

Here’s the song for your ears to enjoy:

Rating: 4 out of 5


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