Single review: Lea Michele releases ‘Run to You’


Lea Michele had graced us with another song off of her upcoming second album “Places.” ┬áThis will be her third song that she has released so far and…well, I’ll be talking about this in two parts: The review of the song and overall thoughts of what songs we’ve gotten. I have some thought that isn’t really fair to the song.

“Run to You” is a love ballad about loving someone so much that you will do anything for them. It’s lyrically a very good song. It’s not the strongest lyrically she has done but it makes up with it when how the song was produced and how Lea performs it vocally.

Vocally, it’s probably one of her strongest performance to date behind her first single “Love is Alive.” Lea singing ballads likes it’s nobody’s business to the point where most of us would be fine with it. Lea has the voice that would make an Angel cry. She’s that darn good.

Now the production and how the instrumental of the song is literally better than any song she has put out. The way it progresses and helps tell the story of the song just makes it so good. It’s got grand at the climax of the song and helps Lea just carry out the song like she was Rachel Berry from “Glee” again.

Overall, the song is probably the best song that she has put out so far. While the lyrics aren’t the best, her vocals and how the flow of the song makes up for it.

… it’s time for my thoughts. sigh. It was rather hard to write this review mainly because I feel like it’s the same review of “Love is Alive.” So far off of “Places,” we have two ballads and one song that isn’t really a ballad. I’m totally fine with an album full of ballads, it just it sounds both “Love is Alive” and “Run to You” just sound the same. It really takes aways from each other. I’m glad they are on different spot on the album but it makes me wonder if this is what her album is going to be – a bunch of ballads that are similar. I hope if there are any more song premiering off the album before the release, I just hope that there’s little more differences in style.

Here’s the song for your ears to enjoy:

Rating: 4 out of 5


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